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Art says, "being fit is not just about diets, training and looking good. Its about living a Life Style that has you mentally and physically feeling good on the inside and outside".
People ask him all the time, what's your diet and what do you do to stay in shape? Art says, "He's not on a diet, he just watches what he eats and he stays active in his daily life and exercises. A diet is usually temporary for a individuals target weight. And people usually temporarily train for a specific event. People say if your job allows you to do something you love, then it's not a job. Well if being fit and healthy is your Life Style, your not on a diet or training to stay in shape, your just living a Healthy and Fit Life Style.
Art wants to help you live a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle today, so that you don't ever have to diet or train again.
"Failure is not when you don't reach your goal in time, failure is when you quit trying to reach it"
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